Peer Reviews

Careful review and examination of medical documentation pertaining to the case is performed by the appropriately board-certified practicing physician to assess causality, diagnosis, treatment, and outcomes.

Radiology Reviews

Our board certified, active physicians can review or interpret the diagnostic studies that will help shed light on inconclusive cases. Diagnostic tests available for reevaluation include X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, and ultrasounds.

Expert Testimony

Whether deposed or on the witness stand, expert testimony delivered by a credentialed, board certified, practicing physician will add weight to your case and can prove to be the determining factor in assessing cause, liability, and damages.

Rapid Review Services

Many of the same benefits of the traditional Peer Review, Rapid Reviews provide quick answers to requests at a greatly reduced cost.  This service is ideal for lost time claims or medical claims where relatedness and appropriateness of treatment is in question.  This unique service can help you keep each case on track with cost-saving measures.

Functional Capacity Examinations

Partnered with the industry’s FCE leaders in disability and worker’s compensation reporting, our evaluators utilize the most accurate and reliable test protocols that positively impact case closures and return to work.  Our FCE Evaluators are fully credentialed and experienced with convenient locations for ease in scheduling.

Translation and Transportation Services

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